Friday, July 22, 2011

sySTEMic showcases Jibe 1.4

sySTEMic, our new portal world using Jibe 1.4 world linking technology "JiWay", will begin collaboration sessions and presentations next week.  An early peek can be found here today for machines with good 3D graphics capabilities.  Next month our lower spec versions will follow.

Some of the things available to try in sySTEMic enabled by Jibe 1.4 are:
  • UniSky weather integration (requires the UniSky prefab to be purchased)
  • Pathfinding integration for simple A.I. 
  • iTween examples
  • JiWay portal integration to enable travel to other Jibe based virtual worlds
  • Deeper Vivox voice integration
  • CSS/Ajax web templates
Coming next month to sySTEMic:
  • Mindstorm/Robotics interactions
  • Inworld event tracking 
  • Deeper BIDI robot tutorials
  • Networked iTween events
  • Web Services driven networked weather effects
  • More JiWay linked worlds
  • Non-Human avatars
When you login to sySTEMic there is a small kiosk with some weather symbols.  When close enough to it you will see buttons appear to the left of your view to change the weather from sunny to light rain, heavy rain and storms.  If you stay in long enough you will notice when sunny is set that day/night cycles happen even changing the real-time shadow effects.

Today we will post the preliminary presentations and brainstorming sessions on the calendar you can bring up within the same browser tab as Jibe.  We look forward to chatting with you regardless of what virtual world you use in sySTEMic starting next week.

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