Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jibe 1.4 Released

We're proud to announce that Jibe 1.4 is released today! Our latest update to the core platform includes several new features, and a handful of bugfixes, specifically:

New Features
  • HTML template file for publishing to web - the produced WebPlayer.html will contain all required Jibe supporting code by default.
  • Push-to-talk button included in the GUI for any scene with Vivox voice (compatability may still vary from browser to browser and cross operating system).
  • Ground-sit option added for sitting on terrain
  • New JiWay prefab swirling blue gas gate object with pre-configured options to some Jibe worlds
  • Teleport on Click script that enables an object to be a clickable teleport point
  • Attach object to avatar code is the beginning of full attachment support for hats, jewelry, skirts, and more. This code is still in an early stage of development, but attachments are networked events, and will be seen by all avatars currently connected to a space
  • Network event support improved significantly - no changes required to Network Controller for future messages over the network, now you can do all calls from a separate script - see the AttachObjectToAvatar.cs code for an example

  • Javascript errors removed
  • Some movement / animation bugs tweaked
  • Code enhancements for easier interaction with the core UI base
For details on purchasing Jibe 1.4, upgrades and support credit bundles, please head to our shop for more information. For all other enquiries please head to our support site at and we'll gladly assist.

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