Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Self Interview on ReactionGrid Inc. Roadmap

I have decided to self interview today to talk about our companies overall roadmap.  Since CNN nor even MSNBC called me back I figured this was the next best thing, err, the only thing.

Kyle1: Hello Kyle ready for the interview?

Kyle2: Obviously I am yes.

Kyle1: No need to be sarcastic.

Kyle2: Let's move forward shall we?

Kyle1: Ok but take a chill pill.  What is the plan for ReactionGrid Inc. over the next year?

Kyle2: We will build the best virtual world platform for desktop & browser Mac and PC and beat everyone to having the first full fledged virtual world on Android & iOS.  It will not be a silly streaming video thing it will be the real deal.

Kyle1: Pretty big plans, who spiked your Wheaties this morning?

Kyle2: Just stating the facts, expect mobile coolness in a few months.  You know you could have dressed better for this interview is that a Superman t-shirt?

Kyle1: Yep, same one you're wearing.  How do you rate against SecondLife & their new CEO Rod Humble?

Kyle2: SecondLife doesn't do what we do.  We are strictly platform builders.  They manage a virtual world.  The closest we come to that is our demo/portal worlds which are there to show off the worlds of others and our technology.  Rod gets the same challenge from me as M Linden, let's debate, let's see you speak out on social media, let's see you build something in SL and show you get it like your residents do.  We want SL to grow and be profitable right along with us.  There is plenty of room for choice.

Kyle1: It has been said you are Jibe/Unity3D focused, does this mean Opensimulator isn't a favorite at RG?

Kyle2: It is true we are investing in Jibe in a big way.  However it does not do what Opensimulator does and in most ways it will never match all the features Opensimulator provides.  We will support both platforms moving forward.

Kyle1: Getting back to the Superman t-shirt, are you serious?

Kyle2: Don't make me break out my Thundercats t-shirt.  Snarf snarf.

Kyle1: You mention mobile devices, why do you care?  Why should I, errr you care, wait I asked that, this is confusing?

Kyle2: Mobile devices allow us to focus on particular hardware features, knowing most tablets have a accelerometer, GPS, camera, light sensor, gyroscope in addition to portability and touch UI means augmented reality is coming fast and virtual worlds will become pervasive when smartly applied.

Kyle1: What is your companies business model?

Kyle2: Developing a virtual world platform, hosting virtual worlds, selling virtual goods and services.  Possibly getting into the RG t-shirt business.

Kyle1:  Jibe clearly seems to be a big part of your business, how can we feel confident this bootstrapped, tiny company will be around next year to complete Jibe?

Kyle2: The owners of the company are true virtual world advocates.  Also we are developers at heart and we know how to listen, adjust and deliver.  We are currently adopting an Agile development process that is being integrated with our virtual world platform Jibe.  This will soon be a product as well as a way to keep us lean, developing fast and delivering quality on time.

Kyle1: Last question for today, what is the biggest challenge you face moving forward?

Kyle2: People thinking the CEO is crazy because he asks himself questions.  And wears cartoon t-shirts.  Despite this I have a handle on what users want in virtual worlds because I ask them for critical feedback and our team reacts accordingly.  We have much to do developing our product but things look very promising.

Kyle1: Fair enough thank you for taking the time to talk to you today.

Kyle2: This is the weirdest interview I have ever had but I enjoyed it.

Kyle1: Never ask me to do this again.

Kyle3: Did I miss lunch?


  1. Kyle4: Note to selfs, nobody says Chill Pill anymore...

  2. Jeff1: I do.
    Jeff3: I, however, do not.

  3. Jeff you are embarrassing the company, you left out Jeff2.

  4. Some of the best conversations I have had have been between two of my avatars...

    Been laying quite low for a while, but not out of it yet. Planning a Phoenix rising from the ashes sort of thing, will be back in the game with renewed energy and purpose shortly.

  5. Sounds great Trevor how about a call next week? Drop me an email, your choice which of me...

  6. this was brilliant! some bloggosphere buzz occurred this week when Rod Humble was interviewed on some site but people failed to note that it is a site where you kind of do self-published press releases - the article even says it was written by Rod but because of it's layout, people assumed it was a "real" interview

    i like that you placed that up and center (and also that you poked fun about NBC not calling you) =)

    nice insight =)

  7. @ilivesl thanks that means a lot coming from you. I am working on my communication skills but I am also trying not to become someone who isn't able to poke some fun at myself.