Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IndieMetaverse Next Week

Hello virtual world fans of any platform!  Next week is our annual virtual world event "IndieMetaverse" in its second year.  You can find the calendar here but note that it is still being updated and confirmed on presentation times and dates.

You can find early details here http://jibemix.com/downloads/indie011.pdf .  We will have all details filled into the calendar and a supplemental "Presenters" PDF by weeks end.

This is a 100% virtual attendance event to show off positive, PG related projects found anywhere in the metaverse. To be considered as a presenter read the above PDF and contact us.  See you in 3D!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Avoiding Virtual Couch Potato Syndrome: How to create a web-embedded video display that interfaces with your Jibe world

With Jibe, you can create your own multiuser 3d virtual world and embed it on any webpage.

This means you can have your Jibe world living on a webpage along with any other web-based content you like.

Today we'll learn how to create an embedded video display on a webpage that works with a video channel switcher inside your Jibe world.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Upgrading ReactionGrid OpenSimulator Grids

After a lot of coding and testing, we're ready to start rolling out upgrades to our OpenSimulator grid clients. Based on OpenSimulator 0.7.2 code, the combination of new grid services and an upgrade to our ROAR administration modules will bring us up to date with other grids based on 0.7.2, and open up the HyperGrid network between all major grids on compatible versions.

Customers who have tested out the Alpha grid and are happy with the experience and want to try the upgrade are invited to contact us at http://metaverseheroes.com and we'll schedule your upgrade. As with all releases of OpenSimulator to date, the core platform is still in Alpha and while there are some great improvements to the codebase, there are still some quirks. If you're happy on your current revision, you don't have to upgrade, though if you want to HyperGrid you will likely want the upgrade soon.

The ReactionGrid OpenSimulator grid will be upgraded in a few weeks, we'll notify our core grid clients as soon as we have set a specific date for our upgrade.

Thanks for your patience while we took the time to prepare the code. We battled some amusing bugs, some frustrating missing features, and rebuilt several of those features to ensure our grid clients could continue normal operation. Our new deployment system should also make future upgrades easier. As part of the process we submitted some key patches to core OpenSimulator for the MSSQL platform, and will continue to do so for anyone else using the Microsoft stack for their OpenSimulator grids.

-- Chris Hart, CTO, ReactionGrid Inc.