Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jibe Android

I'm very excited to announce our first successful tests of Jibe on the Android platform! Using Unity 3.4 and Jibe 1.4 and only minor tweaks to the Jibe codebase, a nearly-full Jibe kit was built into an Android package. We have tested this on a couple of devices so far, the Samsung Epic 4G running Froyo, and a couple of Honeycomb tablets, and it works great on both!

Take a look at this video for a demo of it in action.

We'll be working on a mobile-friendly UI for Jibe to accommodate finger touch controls, and offering more support for device hardware (tilt sensors, etc) over the next month.


  1. It works fine on my Acer Iconia tablet. Virtual keyboard won't come up but will try Bluetooth keyboard. Works perfectly on my Epic too!

  2. Works seamlessly with clients in browser based Jibe worlds on desktops.

  3. I guess iOS is next? Great work!

  4. Technically, once you have it done on Android, it'd likely work on iOS unless you're using Android-specific API's, such as augmented reality/camera SDK's.

    Currently working on taking mShakespeare to mobile, as well as a Primtings Mobile app that has its own "prim-based" build system. (Easier to use than SL's, friendlier link's that don't self-collapse, etc.)

    Would be interested in testing out "Jibe Android/iOS/mobile on any of the current bunch of devices I own:

    Android Tablets: Toshiba Thrive, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab Classic, HTC Flyer

    Android Phones: LG Optimus 3D, HTC Evo, Motorola Defy, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

    iOS Devices: iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

    And... if you're into Union... Blackberry Playbook

    And, even ExoPC Slate - Windows touchpad, anyone? :-)

    1. Ina can you email me to talk about some help testing Jibe-Mobile and inworld building tools?

  5. @Ina thanks so much for the great device list to test on. Once we get a few basic kinks worked out of the system we will be providing the mobile app for others to try out. Very interested in learning more about the mShakespeare/Primtings app as well.

  6. Finally got around to trying it. Anders and I were in-world together and found the navigation to be very responsive! I was using Mot Droid Bionic, and Ander was using an Acer tablet. Congratulations to Chris, Kyle and the RG team!

  7. Awesome news thanks Richard! A new version based on feedback is underway...

  8. Im using the Samsung galxy 3, I cant do anything but run around. Is there a supprot page with a how to source?

  9. Hi Christopher,
    Not sure what you mean by source?
    The android demo we have is just that a demo of a Jibe scene and the only functionality at this time is walking about and going to the dressing room.
    If you are interested in a Jibe trial kit we would love to follow up with a call with one of our sales team to arrange a 30 day trial to check out before purchasing.