Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ReactionGrid Inc. Virtual World Poll #2.

Our last roadmap poll, yes you are a huge factor in deciding what we do and when, we asked "Why do you use 3D virtual worlds?".

The 4 options were:

  1. Socializing with friends
  2. Creating 3D items and environments
  3. Meeting and Brainstorming with colleagues
  4. Other

    Here are the results (96 responses):

Here are some of the comments...
Socializing with friends:
"To make friends"
"To meet my friends there and have fun"
"Lately, just for catching up with friends and relaxing by exploring different lands (islands, sims, etc)"

Creating 3D items and environments:
"I create and script little things that might be of use to educators"
"Student modeling of conceptual understanding"
"Fun and Games. Create, Build, Roam, Interaction"
"Entertainment. Self fulfillment. Setting and completing goals. Acquiring virtual wealth and property. Making friends that can help me achieve my goals"
"Just build things for fun"
"I make interactive art installations"
"Create educational and training environments"
"I am interested in all aspects of VWs, from business development to creative application.  However, to date "I have mostly used them to creative interactive narratives and film. I am deeply interested in the future of creative media for entertainment, journalism and business. VWs are one future-media element, and I would like to mash them up with other emerging elements"
"Building simulations for teaching; exploring the possibilities of vw for teaching"

Meeting and Brainstorming with colleagues:
"Meet with other teachers"
"I attend events with speakers, I build, socialize and collaborate! I also teach in Second Life (graduate seminars)"
"Connecting with other nonprofit and educator colleagues, organizing virtual trainings, workshops and mixed- reality events"
"I use 3D virtual worlds to learn & to admire those who use creativity to create"

"I use it for my virtual school"
"Educating and organizing community"
"To COLLABORATE in creating 3D objects"
"All of the above and more"

Note-This survey is slanted, in terms of questions, to ReactionGrid Inc.'s needs to develop a roadmap.
Note 2-Some responses were seemingly incomplete or not understandable perhaps due to language challenges or similar.  If you do not see your response feel free to add it below as a comment.

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