Thursday, September 29, 2011

ReactionGrid Support Ticket System Upgrade Friday Sept 30th

The ReactionGrid Online Support System will be offline while it is upgraded Friday Sept 30th starting at 10am - 7pm Eastern Daylight Time (East Coast US time).

If you require support during those downtime hours you may still access but you will see  a form to submit an email with your issue. 
The entire ReactionGrid team will receive this message and someone will attend to your issue right away.

When the upgrade is complete all services will be restored.
Thank you for your patience while the ReactionGrid Online Support System receives an upgrade.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bryce Advanced Class Today

Today at 4PM ET we will be doing an advanced Bryce 3D class covering:

  • Metaballs
  • Importing Objects
  • Importing Textures
  • Unity3D/Jibe Import
There is a free non-commercial version here using this serial BDZPLED-070-0000000-NBA-001-HBUVMLF .

Please add my to your Skype "pcmash" or email me your phone number to join the call.  We will be using for the desktop sharing.  The class will be approximately 30 to 45 minutes.  Please review the video here for basic controls of Bryce though we will quickly run through them at the class as well.

Testing ReactionGrid's Opensim 0.7.2 Alpha Grid with the Hypergrid Adventurers Club

Today, the Hypergrid Adventurers Club tested ReactionGrid's Opensim 0.7.2 Alpha Grid. It was quite an adventure, spanning 4 different Opensim grids running 4 different versions of Opensim.

We gathered on the region HGBridge on ReactionGrid’s 0.7.2 Alpha Test Grid, and from there we began a series of Hypergrid jumps.

About 10 of us joined in on the Adventure. Here's where we went if you'd like to follow in our footsteps:

1) START: ReactionGrid Alpha Test Grid  
HG Coordinates: secondlife://  
Grid Location: (4000,4000)  
Grid Software: OpenSim 0.7.2 ReactionGrid.  

2) NewWorldGrid  
HG Coordinates: secondlife://  
Grid Location: (6991,6995)  
Grid Software: OpenSim Release  

3) GermanGrid  
HG Coordinates: secondlife://  
Grid Location: (8000,8000)  
Grid Software: OpenSim 0.7.2 Dev  

4) END: FleepGrid  
HG Coordinates: secondlife://  
Grid Location: (9013,9013)  
Grid Software: OpenSim 0.7.2 RC2

I chose these locations because they represented 4 different versions of Opensim which, theoretically, are all Hypergrid-compatible with each other. It's always good to test theory by putting it into practice. Some folks initially had difficulty logging in to our Alpha Grid. This caused some chat and movement lag/freezing. But despite this initial glitch, the region and grid recovered all on its own. Then we were able to start jumping.

Starting out on the region HGBridge in ReactionGrid's Alpha Grid"
A few of us made it to GermanGrid when it suddenly stopped accepting connections. This might have been caused by a region crash due to the load of our visit. Our apologies to the GermanGrid admins if we caused any problems.

Those of us who couldn't make it to GermanGrid simply hopped from NewWorldGrid to FleepGrid, since both grids are within the 4096 region limit for Hypergrid jumps.

We arrive in FleepGrid
 Fleep Tuque, the owner of FleepGrid, joined us on our Adventure. She welcomed us all when we all finally arrived on her grid, and grid performance was excellent.

Chris Hart, ReactionGrid's CTO, attended the test. Here's what she had to say about the event.
"Overall the event was pretty successful. While we had some issues with teleports between regions, the server stayed up and running for the whole time. We had a wide variety of clients logging in to the grid at the same time which seemed to cause a few lockups, but after a little perseverence most made it inworld and were able to HyperGrid teleport out successfully. Those that had difficulty logging in, and even those that didn't, we welcome feedback on your experiences, please let us know which clients you were using to connect and whether you were logging in locally or were visiting from another grid."
As always, the best way to give us feedback is to submit a ticket on our Metaverseheroes support site. If you were part of our adventure today, please let us know all the details about any glitches you experienced. We want to make sure ReactionGrid's version of Opensim 0.7.2 is as stable as possible before we officially release it.

This upgrade to Opensim 0.7.2 will be a big step with many new features and additional stability. And once it is finalized, ReactionGrid will be part of a much bigger universe of Opensim grids interconnected by the Hypergrid.

Thank you all again for helping test things out today. I hope you had a fun time, too!

Take care,
-John "Pathfinder" Lester

Amf concert planned in Jibe Android/Browser

Prolific virtual world singer songwriter Amf OrTe will showcase the worlds first live streaming mobile & web based virtual concert next Wednesday October 12 2PM ET.

While we work to add audio features internally  to Jibe-Android  for live streams & Vivox we suggest installing free audio streaming app XiiaLive Lite which lets you add any Shoutcast or compatible streams and will stay streaming while minimized and you switch to Jibe Android's app.

You will also be able to attend via Mac or PC web browser.

Jibe-Android Concert
Jibe-Browser Concert
Coming soon

Let's make some virtual world history together!

ReactionGrid Android Publishing Service

ReactionGrid Inc. is officially launching an Android (and soon iOS) publishing service today.  Named "Mobilizer" this service will take your existing Jibe project and process it for mobile devices providing you with an app you can submit to the various marketplaces or distribute on your own.

We also offer consulting services for those who purchase the Unity3D iOS and Android publishing applications.  See here for a demo app on Android you can test for free.

To try the service out submit your project to us for download for an estimate.  We will create a version that works smoothly on mobile phones and tablets for prices starting at $150 per platform and increasing depending on the complexity of your project.

We are refining our own Jibe Android app this month but you can take advantage of some early adopter special pricing now by contacting us at or call us at +1 407 992 8284.  To get your own Jibe kit see here .

The service will take a bit more time in this early phase than it will when we have refined the process.  A time estimate and price estimate will be given after a full review of your Jibe project kit files.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OpenSim 0.7.2 Alpha Test Grid Open to Public

ReactionGrid is now testing 0.7.2 Opensim code on a private test grid before rollout. Please help us test the code for bugs and glitches.
Head over to: to register a user account.
Then add a grid to your grid list in your preferred viewer to: and head in!

This space will be open 24/7 over the next week but we really need immediate testing to be able to rectify any issues in the next week so we can get this on your grids.

We are leaving build rights open like this were a sandbox so please use the tools - script - build - test the daylights out of this system. 
We need you to test everything including the new web on a prim feature, groups, friends and hypergrid.
We are leaving hypergrid boxes on the Hypergrid Bridge for testing to known grids running either 0.7.1 or 0.7.2 so you can test that as well.
The public HyperGrid address of the HGBridge region (located around 4000,4000) is secondlife://

Also with the 0.7.2 code you are now able to use the SecondLife Viewer2 which I believe is needed for the web on a prim functionality. Please help us test this!
We are aware of some features that do no work in Viewer2 including but not limited to:
Map does not populate - map tiles are handled differently in Viewer2 than older viewers such as Hippo or Imprudence.

Searches do not function properly they will lead to SL.
Please do not report these issues as we already know they exist. Thanks.

Upon finding any bugs or areas that are not functioning properly please submit a support ticket with your findings to so we may look into the issue and see if we can repair. We have not yet implemented the user profiles feature, so you will not be able to edit your profile "About" section, interests or similar until this has been completed.

Thank you for your assistance in testing this alpha code for 0.7.2 - we appreciate your help!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jibe-Android Demo Live

Available in Android Market

Today ReactionGrid hit a milestone in virtual world development.  The first true mobile virtual world platform is available on the Android Marketplace in demo form.  After we get feedback and refine the interface we will be scheduling some live concerts, brainstorming sessions and more.  While it is a demo it is the full Jibe kit minus voice (for now).

We are also launching a publishing division of RG this month which can take your standard Jibe project kit and publish an Android and soon iOS version.  We can also guide you through the process if you buy the Unity3D publishing application for Android and soon iOS.

This demo is a work in progress but running nicely enough to get some expanded feedback beyond our staff of testers.  Some icons need to be enlarged for smaller screens along with numerous other tweaks we can already see.  Please comment here or email us at with your feedback and ideas.

Use the banner above to get to the store or this QR code:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

IndieMetaverse 2011 planning begins in October.

IndieMetaverse 2011 is coming the first week of December 2011.  4 days of streaming video, 3D world attendance and more.  We're looking submissions now for PG projects in virtual worlds on any platform you have been working on.  Email me at to get involved or for more details.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Building your 3D skill set using Bryce3D

Bryce 3D is a low cost modeling application that has been around for many years but only recently got proper mesh export tools. There is also now a free non-commercial version .  This Wednesday I will be offering a free intro class on Bryce 3D using shared desktop.

To attend install the Bryce software and email me at with Bryce3D in the subject line.

Topics we will be covering:
  • Boolean Operations
  • Grouping
  • Alignment Tools
  • Group Color Codes
  • Mesh Export
  • Image Rendering
  • Materials Lab
  • Lighting
  • Sky Lab
  • Navigation/Camera Controls
  • Labeling Pieces
  • Selecting Objects
A second class will be in October covering:
  • Metaballs
  • Importing Objects
  • Importing Textures
  • Unity3D/Jibe Import
You need no prior experience to take this class.  I will make sure everyone moves along together and at the end of the class you will be conquering mesh design and more with confidence.

Some examples of what you can make with Bryce 3D can be found here .  Take advantage of this free dry run and add Mesh to your virtual world toolkit!

Mesh yourself before you wreck yourself

Mesh is coming to SL & OpenSimulator and is already fully implemented in Jibe/Unity3D.  Now is the time to get yourself retooled!  If you worked with sculpties in SL/OpenSimulator you are already ready to go but what if you only used the prim based building tools in the SL client?  Not to worry I have a solution.  But first a little fun.

From concept to virtual realization to the real world.  What if you are the next great architect or vehicle designer or otherwise creative innovator but nobody gets your description of what will be?  3D is a great visualization tool for such things.  For example I have some concepts on what the ultimate motorcycle would look like but describing it verbally would be daunting.

Presenting the JiCycle.  As a way to illustrate how you can visualize and even to a degree test innovative engineering concepts you can use 3D & animations to great effect.  I got my start using these techniques to explain how to design, assemble, test and critique aerospace cable and connector designs.  Let's use the JiCycle to show the process and how anyone can do the same.

JiCycle Specifications:
Borrowing technology from today and extrapolating how that technology might be expanded in the future I present the most environmentally friendly cycle design possible.
  • Horsepower @ all 3 wheels 650 bhp.
  • Braking in 10 feet from 100 mph.
  • Top speed 350 mph.
  • Wet weight 155 lbs.

Engine-High Discharge Capacitve Electricity Cell.  Using capacitive technology to store electrical energy this type of "fuel cell" provides high power with low weight.  Instantly rechargable and with no moving parts this power unit can drive the magnetic propulsion, steering and onboard computers.

Suspension/Braking/Drivetrain/Steering-MagLev will levitate the cycle through biasing of electromagnetic lines of flux between components and provide forward, reverse, steering and braking similar to today's trains. Other than the rubber & nylon electromagnetic tires hitting the road there are zero friction points on this cycle. Wireless Bluetooth provides all intra-vehicle communications.

Frame-A mix of carbon fiber & titanium monocoque allows for the lightest possible frame without sacrificing integrity.  The components of this cycle are all held together via electromagnetic attraction & propulsion meaning disassembly is as easy as turning off the system power.

Navigation System-Utilizing organic electroluminescent OLED display technology the front fairing is reinforced by transparent aluminum and capable of illumination, turn signals, rear-view display and heads up display of critical engine and GPS navigation data.

Recharge-Capacitors can be instantly recharged unlike lithium ion batteries.  Using wireless energy transfer technologies the JiCycle can be recharged via inductors embedded in the road, roadside RF transmission towers, solar cells or even on the fly transfers from other vehicles.

So there it is.  Technology for everything described is in place today but not yet at a feasible level to create such a vehicle.  As you can tell from the static renderings in this post my job of describing this ultimate design (IMHO) of a cycle is much more easily explained with such images.  

What about taking these models and allowing users to simulate how the above systems would work?  That is the subject matter of today's next blog post along with information on how you can do the exact same thing for your concepts with 100% free tools.  Stay tuned!

Friday, September 9, 2011

sySTEMic event 1

sySTEMic event notification...

Hello all Jiblets.  You are called to the sySTEMic hive for processing.

sySTEMic, a virtual world focused on liberating knowledge for all, will be holding mind meld session 1 on Wednesday September 14th at 2:00 PM EST to 3PM EST nominal.

We will be discussing avatar generation and modification on a polygonal and texturizational level in addition to animation basics.

Only those with an open mind and zero gravity navigational skills should attend.  Just kidding anyone can attend...

Kyle G-introductions

Chris Hart-Programmer of Jibe and code Ninja will speak on the avatar framework today and roadmapped and on how to work with animations and networking of them.

Robin G-Deployer of Jibe worlds and keeper of avatar layered image files will pass out links to get critical art files.

Special Guest:
Roger Nelson

Roger has motion capture hardware and software targeted at Unity3D and will be showing off how this works and taking questions.  Roger believes we are all mushy forms of life just waiting to crawl into one of his exoskeletons.  See the LinkedIn hyperlink above for more information.

That's it Jiblets!  Oh right where to go?  You should hyperlink to and should have a moderately powerful computer.  Please test out loading the world early and email Kyle if you have any trouble or questions.

See you soon Jiblets...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peru and the Future of Virtual Worlds

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) is the #1 ranked university in the country of Peru.

It is also home to a wonderful research project called Grupo Avatar. 
Grupo Avatar PUCP is a multidisciplinary research project whose goal is to develop and promote the use of video games and virtual worlds for education. Their group consists of students, graduates, professors and administrators.

As a keynote speaker at their Virtual Worlds and Video Games Seminar, I was invited to share my experiences and research findings on why virtual worlds are a powerful tool for both formal and informal education in schools, universities and businesses. It was a real honor to participate in the seminar, and over 200 people attended.

I was particularly impressed by Grupo Avatar's investigations of the many different affordances and applications of virtual worlds across a broad spectrum of learning possibilities. They were interested in everything ranging from classroom education to informal learning and even business applications. I kept meeting people with wide range of expertise (e.g., artists, programmers and psychologists), and the term multidisciplinary kept coming up in conversations.

Virtual Worlds provide tools for creating immersive learning environments that encourage multidisciplinary collaboration. Likewise, the effective study of virtual worlds requires a multidisciplinary approach. The folks at PUCP and Grupo Avatar understand this, and it was thrilling to see it all come together at the seminar.

Grupo Avatar recently set up their own Jibe virtual world server to allow students to create their own virtual worlds embedded on the web and linked to each other. We discussed future projects ranging from immersive language training environments to recreating archeology sites. It will be great to see what they accomplish, and I'm looking forward to ReactionGrid's support of their efforts into the future.

I'd like to thank everyone at PUCP and Grupo Avatar who made this seminar possible. Ines Evaristo Chiyong, Isabel González Roa and Claudia Cecilia Lam, thank you so much for all your help coordinating my visit to Peru. José Domingo Elías Arcelles, your leadership of Grupo Avatar is inspiring. And Carlos Fosca, your administrative vision and support is creating something amazing at your university.

One of the goals of PUCP is to become a center of excellence for virtual worlds research and development. Keep an eye on them, as I think they're well on their way to accomplishing that goal.

Grupo Avatar PUCP
-John "Pathfinder" Lester

ADDENDUM 13/9/2011: Here's an interview I did while in Peru on the future of virtual worlds. "Technology alone will not save us." If you want an English translation, try this link.