Monday, July 11, 2011

Poll # 3-Platform of Choice

For our 3rd weekly poll we asked:
"For development of virtual worlds which platform is most critical to be on in 2011/2012?"

The choices being:
  1. Browser Mac and PC
  2. Desktop Mac and PC
  3. iOS/Android Mobile and Tablet
  4. Console Wii, PS3, Xbox 360
We had 50 responses:

1-Browser Mac and PC:
  • "Because then there is no need to install additonal software to go into a virtual world"
  • "Browser based 3D worlds and 3D internet is the future for accessibility"
2-Desktop Mac and PC:
  • "Although, laptops and other platforms are improving, The desktops have an edge in the ability to handle the graphics load and heat issues. The gaming platforms do offer better graphics but, not everyone has a game platform"
  • "Need large screen size"
  • "A desktop app gives you all the real estate you can get for the screen...doing 3D landscaping, etc, is better fascilitated by a screen that can show the detail and the flow of the'll not get that on a small screen"
  • "I think standalone applications will still be the default for quite a while yet. People are used to it with games, SL like virtual worlds, etc. It seems less ephemeral than merely clicking on a web link"
  • "I use both"
  • "Desktop program is the root process YOU can control. Trying to develop for a wide variety of browsers and still run consistently with out a bug-a-baloo going on is wishful thinking. Developing for iPhone/Droid/Pads/Tablet is not cost effective as they are not dominant in the market and many don't have the computing power/graphics ability to truly show off the virtual world the the end user. (IMO)"
  • "I feel that the most productive work in regards to actually building it is best to use it on PC vs mobile/tablet. The browser and tablet option is good only if you plan on attending a short meeting"

3-iOS/Android Mobile and Tablet:
  • "Horizontal vs. vertical viewing"
  • '"Mobile platforms are becoming more ubiquitous to the average employee/student"
  • "Tablet market especially ripe for showcasing use of virtual environment for something other than traditional gaming"
  • "Portability"
  • "The mobile computing world is where everything is headed"
  • "I'm looking to develop an mobile app for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Most people use tablets/mobile phones vs. laptops when travelling in 2014"
  • "PC's are becoming obsolete. Mobile (of various sizes) is the future"
  • "Driving user mobility & cloud interaction"
4-Console Wii, PS3, Xbox 360:
  • "Got one myself"

Note-This survey is slanted, in terms of questions, to ReactionGrid Inc.'s needs to develop a roadmap.
Note 2-Some responses were seemingly incomplete or not understandable perhaps due to language challenges or similar.  If you do not see your response feel free to add it below as a comment.

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