Monday, December 5, 2011

IndieMetaverse Today

Here is a summary of today's IndieMetaverse opening events:

1PM ET - Meeting in our browser based world "sySTEMic" to meet the ReactionGrid team. .  Voice using Voice is via our Livestream channel .  A decent 3D machine is needed to join this world.

2PM ET - View a TurboCAD beginner class with expert Robert Berry by logging into & Voice is via our Livestream channel .

3PM ET - Learn how to integrate Jibe browser worlds with the internet by logging into with John "Pathfinder" Lester.  Voice is via our Livestream channel .

4PM ET - Check out Jibe on mobile worlds by installing it here or searching for "Jibe" on the Android Marketplace or watch via our Livestream channel .

All sessions will be streamed via our Livestream channel for one way audio and video streaming in case you cannot login to the virtual world directly.  There is a chat box on that page (does not show on Android only the stream and audio do) that allows for comments and questions we will try to relay to the presenter.

Livestream also has been tested on iPhone/iPad/iPod and offers video and chat on one webpage.  Video will be recorded for those who miss certain sessions.  For some additional information and calendar click here .  Each day I will blog post about the next days events.  "See" you there virtually friends!

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