Thursday, December 8, 2011

IndieMetaverse 12/8/2011

Today's Events:

10AM ET - Join Adam Frisby in his virtual world "ResLive" focused on virtual streaming concerts and events.  Use to join inworld or stream at .

11AM ET - Recently my 3rd year design students completed a project in designing
virtual worlds to evoke a specific emotion - these would include:
"Uneasy not dread or angst", "Privacy not isolation", "Protection
(safe) not imprisonment" or "Happiness not Euphoria".

I would like to invite you to experience some of these worlds with me. for direct login or view at

Technologies used includes: 3DS Max, Unity and Jibe.

Brian Cleveley

Virtual Technology and Design, Program Coordinator
College of Art and Architecture, University of Idaho
Second Life: Eyem Beck

12PM ET - Steve Mahaley, Global Practice Lead, Learning Innovations Team, Duke Corporate Education will share his thinking on leadership simulations and gaming, and discuss the new Duke CE Go! Learning App for alternate reality games (with a live demo if possible!).

When: Dec 8, 9.00 am PT/noon ET/18.00 CET

Where: Train for Success island in Second Life
Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D.
The Gronstedt Group, Inc.
Office: + 1 303 469 9000, ext. 9
Cell: + 1 720 839 7303
Twitter: AndersGronstedt
Skype: Anders_gr

1PM ET - Visit Robin Gomboy ReactionGrid Co-Founder & President in the virtual server room used to monitor our 100+ virtual and hardware machines that run our virtual worlds. for direct login or JiWay link or view the stream at .

2PM ET - Overview of Sculptris and Wings3D with Chris Hart ReactionGrid CTO/Co-Founder.
Sculptris and Wings3D are two free tools that are relatively simple to use and can be quite useful to have alongside your regular Jibe tool arsenal.

Simple rocks in Sculptris
Sculptris is a free application from the creators of ZBrush, and offers simple clay modelling of 3d shapes. With little effort, you can create some great organic shapes for enhancing your Jibe worlds.

Mesh editing in Wings3D
Wings3D is another free application for creating and editing meshes. It has a wide range of supported formats for import and export, though it has no support for textures. As such, it's a good tool for creating simplified meshes of existing objects for use as a collision mesh. Regular mesh colliders can be a little intensive if the mesh in question is particularly complex, so I'll show how to create a simple collider mesh for an existing model.

View this using our shared desktop link or video stream .

3PM ET - Join RG CEO/Co-Founder Kyle G for a 3D content creation demo & John "Pathfinder" Lester RG Director of Community Development & Unity3D Dev for an animation creation demo. get the photo capture to mesh app and follow along on how to create 3D objects from a series of 2D photos . for the free Unity3D editor where you can install the iTween scripts from the built in store.

Samples: captured Robin's helmet with an inexpensive Sony camera.

View this using our shared desktop link or video stream .

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