Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IndieMetaverse Next Week

Hello virtual world fans of any platform!  Next week is our annual virtual world event "IndieMetaverse" in its second year.  You can find the calendar here but note that it is still being updated and confirmed on presentation times and dates.

You can find early details here http://jibemix.com/downloads/indie011.pdf .  We will have all details filled into the calendar and a supplemental "Presenters" PDF by weeks end.

This is a 100% virtual attendance event to show off positive, PG related projects found anywhere in the metaverse. To be considered as a presenter read the above PDF and contact us.  See you in 3D!


  1. The calendar link above has the details for each event. Some events are still being filled in this week as to whether you will watch via streaming video, shared desktop or direct virtual world login. Thanks Joey!