Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Testing ReactionGrid's Opensim 0.7.2 Alpha Grid with the Hypergrid Adventurers Club

Today, the Hypergrid Adventurers Club tested ReactionGrid's Opensim 0.7.2 Alpha Grid. It was quite an adventure, spanning 4 different Opensim grids running 4 different versions of Opensim.

We gathered on the region HGBridge on ReactionGrid’s 0.7.2 Alpha Test Grid, and from there we began a series of Hypergrid jumps.

About 10 of us joined in on the Adventure. Here's where we went if you'd like to follow in our footsteps:

1) START: ReactionGrid Alpha Test Grid  
HG Coordinates: secondlife://  
Grid Location: (4000,4000)  
Grid Software: OpenSim 0.7.2 ReactionGrid.  

2) NewWorldGrid  
HG Coordinates: secondlife://  
Grid Location: (6991,6995)  
Grid Software: OpenSim Release  

3) GermanGrid  
HG Coordinates: secondlife://  
Grid Location: (8000,8000)  
Grid Software: OpenSim 0.7.2 Dev  

4) END: FleepGrid  
HG Coordinates: secondlife://  
Grid Location: (9013,9013)  
Grid Software: OpenSim 0.7.2 RC2

I chose these locations because they represented 4 different versions of Opensim which, theoretically, are all Hypergrid-compatible with each other. It's always good to test theory by putting it into practice. Some folks initially had difficulty logging in to our Alpha Grid. This caused some chat and movement lag/freezing. But despite this initial glitch, the region and grid recovered all on its own. Then we were able to start jumping.

Starting out on the region HGBridge in ReactionGrid's Alpha Grid"
A few of us made it to GermanGrid when it suddenly stopped accepting connections. This might have been caused by a region crash due to the load of our visit. Our apologies to the GermanGrid admins if we caused any problems.

Those of us who couldn't make it to GermanGrid simply hopped from NewWorldGrid to FleepGrid, since both grids are within the 4096 region limit for Hypergrid jumps.

We arrive in FleepGrid
 Fleep Tuque, the owner of FleepGrid, joined us on our Adventure. She welcomed us all when we all finally arrived on her grid, and grid performance was excellent.

Chris Hart, ReactionGrid's CTO, attended the test. Here's what she had to say about the event.
"Overall the event was pretty successful. While we had some issues with teleports between regions, the server stayed up and running for the whole time. We had a wide variety of clients logging in to the grid at the same time which seemed to cause a few lockups, but after a little perseverence most made it inworld and were able to HyperGrid teleport out successfully. Those that had difficulty logging in, and even those that didn't, we welcome feedback on your experiences, please let us know which clients you were using to connect and whether you were logging in locally or were visiting from another grid."
As always, the best way to give us feedback is to submit a ticket on our Metaverseheroes support site. If you were part of our adventure today, please let us know all the details about any glitches you experienced. We want to make sure ReactionGrid's version of Opensim 0.7.2 is as stable as possible before we officially release it.

This upgrade to Opensim 0.7.2 will be a big step with many new features and additional stability. And once it is finalized, ReactionGrid will be part of a much bigger universe of Opensim grids interconnected by the Hypergrid.

Thank you all again for helping test things out today. I hope you had a fun time, too!

Take care,
-John "Pathfinder" Lester