Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OpenSim 0.7.2 Alpha Test Grid Open to Public

ReactionGrid is now testing 0.7.2 Opensim code on a private test grid before rollout. Please help us test the code for bugs and glitches.
Head over to: 
http://alpha.reactiongrid.net/register to register a user account.
Then add a grid to your grid list in your preferred viewer to:
http://alpha.reactiongrid.net:8002 and head in!

This space will be open 24/7 over the next week but we really need immediate testing to be able to rectify any issues in the next week so we can get this on your grids.

We are leaving build rights open like this were a sandbox so please use the tools - script - build - test the daylights out of this system. 
We need you to test everything including the new web on a prim feature, groups, friends and hypergrid.
We are leaving hypergrid boxes on the Hypergrid Bridge for testing to known grids running either 0.7.1 or 0.7.2 so you can test that as well.
The public HyperGrid address of the HGBridge region (located around 4000,4000) is secondlife://alpha.reactiongrid.net:8002:HGBridge/139/156/22

Also with the 0.7.2 code you are now able to use the SecondLife Viewer2 which I believe is needed for the web on a prim functionality. Please help us test this!
We are aware of some features that do no work in Viewer2 including but not limited to:
Map does not populate - map tiles are handled differently in Viewer2 than older viewers such as Hippo or Imprudence.

Searches do not function properly they will lead to SL.
Please do not report these issues as we already know they exist. Thanks.

Upon finding any bugs or areas that are not functioning properly please submit a support ticket with your findings to http://metaverseheroes.com so we may look into the issue and see if we can repair. We have not yet implemented the user profiles feature, so you will not be able to edit your profile "About" section, interests or similar until this has been completed.

Thank you for your assistance in testing this alpha code for 0.7.2 - we appreciate your help!

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  1. Our Hypergrid Adventurers Club will be testing out some hypergrid jumps on the alpha grid tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 28 at 10am EDT.

    All are welcome to join us!

    Details: http://wp.me/p11U98-VP