Monday, September 26, 2011

Jibe-Android Demo Live

Available in Android Market

Today ReactionGrid hit a milestone in virtual world development.  The first true mobile virtual world platform is available on the Android Marketplace in demo form.  After we get feedback and refine the interface we will be scheduling some live concerts, brainstorming sessions and more.  While it is a demo it is the full Jibe kit minus voice (for now).

We are also launching a publishing division of RG this month which can take your standard Jibe project kit and publish an Android and soon iOS version.  We can also guide you through the process if you buy the Unity3D publishing application for Android and soon iOS.

This demo is a work in progress but running nicely enough to get some expanded feedback beyond our staff of testers.  Some icons need to be enlarged for smaller screens along with numerous other tweaks we can already see.  Please comment here or email us at with your feedback and ideas.

Use the banner above to get to the store or this QR code:


  1. I tried the demo and it went swimmingly, although I must say never have my fingers felt so fat. I don't think the on-screen buttons (for example, Appearance and Map on the main screen, and the different avatars on the appearance customization screen) need to be bigger but they do need to be spread farther apart.

    My Droid has a slideout keyboard so a keyboard workaround to those on-screen buttons would be a big plus as well.

    Some kind of popup "cheat sheet" -- really terse and simple -- would help new users figure out those basic skills. In my case I simply went through every key on the keyboard to find that W, S, D, and spacebar were the really important ones.

  2. Agreed on cheat sheet we have a new version underway with just such a thing! And bigger icons spaced better too. Also the little man walking icon in the upper right enables touch the ground to walk mode try that out. Thanks Amy...

  3. Very good!
    We were hoping to be able to test.