Friday, September 9, 2011

sySTEMic event 1

sySTEMic event notification...

Hello all Jiblets.  You are called to the sySTEMic hive for processing.

sySTEMic, a virtual world focused on liberating knowledge for all, will be holding mind meld session 1 on Wednesday September 14th at 2:00 PM EST to 3PM EST nominal.

We will be discussing avatar generation and modification on a polygonal and texturizational level in addition to animation basics.

Only those with an open mind and zero gravity navigational skills should attend.  Just kidding anyone can attend...

Kyle G-introductions

Chris Hart-Programmer of Jibe and code Ninja will speak on the avatar framework today and roadmapped and on how to work with animations and networking of them.

Robin G-Deployer of Jibe worlds and keeper of avatar layered image files will pass out links to get critical art files.

Special Guest:
Roger Nelson

Roger has motion capture hardware and software targeted at Unity3D and will be showing off how this works and taking questions.  Roger believes we are all mushy forms of life just waiting to crawl into one of his exoskeletons.  See the LinkedIn hyperlink above for more information.

That's it Jiblets!  Oh right where to go?  You should hyperlink to and should have a moderately powerful computer.  Please test out loading the world early and email Kyle if you have any trouble or questions.

See you soon Jiblets...

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