Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jibe5 Monthly Contest-Summer 2011

Have an original idea for a 3D multi-user virtual world?  Send it to me, Kyle G, for consideration for a free 6 month self-hosted Jibe license.  Be detailed in your concept explanation as we are just looking for whatever matches our mindset each month.

This is for non-commercial, non-production projects.  There is no user- registration or other web tools provided with this special.  Only Wiki and KB support is included.

We will help you get setup with Jibe and only ask for progress reports as you develop your concept we can share with others.  Hit me up with ideas!

Kyle G
CEO ReactionGrid Inc.



  1. Remember to email me create@reactiongrid.com so your idea is private. Looking forward to what you come up with G!

  2. I am just understanding now that you are initially asking only for written proposals. And here I was working very hard to first complete the project in Unity before submitting! Well, this certainly makes things much easier....

    / Sterling

  3. Just a summary of the concept is all you need! But good job on the early start.