Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jibe 1.2 Release

While it's not been long since the 1.1 release of Jibe, this week sees the arrival of 1.2! We have added a couple of new features and an important bugfix for users on the newer SmartFox 2X platform.

Bug Fix:
  • Fixed bug with SFS2X where a user left on the Loader scene would timeout and get stuck in the dressing room

New Features:
  • Introduced own name tag over head, which you can choose to use or hide in your scene configuration - this was one of the most frequently requested items from our users!
  • Option to disable the extra idle animations on the avatars - the system that is in place could be used in a similar style to a basic animation override system that gives avatars who are standing still a little more movement. Some of our Jibe users prefer avatars to stand still when they are idle, so a new checkbox will disable the AO.

We have several more features in development at the moment, including a simplified system for using other avatars in Jibe, replacing the models we have supplied. We expect this will form the core of a 1.3 release in the next few weeks once that system has been fully tested!

For more information on upgrades from previous releases of Jibe, or any other technical questions about the platform, please drop me a support ticket via MetaverseHeroes!

Chris Hart
CTO, ReactionGrid Inc.

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