Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jibe 1.1 Release

I'm pleased to announce that Jibe 1.1 is now available to all our Jibe customers. For anyone on 1.0, you can download the update pack to 1.1 from our central downloads site. This upgrade is a small change set but includes some important bugfixes and some great new features, including:

  • Changing scenes no longer breaks private chat between avatars
  • You can now return to the dressing room at any time to change your appearance
  • Appearance now persists across logins via simple cookies -your appearance choices will be remembered as long as the world file name is not changed
  • Chat history to web page improved
New features:

The biggest new feature is that SmartFox 2X support now included in Jibe 1.1. We've been using the SmartFox 1.6.x server platform as the network provider for Jibe worlds since our first release, but with the Jibe 1.x platform architecture, we are able to implement additional network providers and offer customers more choice in which network provider they use. Each platform has its own set of features that customers can consider for their worlds. In Jibe 1.1 we now support the following platforms:
For our Jibe Atmosphere and Moon customers, we provide the network infrastructure for your worlds on the SmartFox platforms. For Mars and self-hosted you have the option to choose from any of these platforms. We will offer both SmartFox platforms as our standard option, but Photon is an alternative you can use if you prefer it. In future, we'll be looking to implement ElectroServer as another supported platform.

For more information on upgrades from previous releases of Jibe please drop me a support ticket via MetaverseHeroes and I'll happily explain what is involved in upgrading. Anyone interested in learning more about the technical aspects of the Jibe platform is welcome to contact me any time.

Chris Hart
CTO, ReactionGrid Inc.

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  1. Don't forget our awesome new camera controls in Jibe 1.1!

    I set up a little testing area in my own Jibe world for folks to experiment with the new camera. It's lots of fun.