Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ReactionGrid Inc: Growth and Change in 2013

Growth and Change always happen together. For something to evolve and flourish, it must grow.

And you cannot have growth without change.

ReactionGrid Inc. is growing and changing. Over the past year you've seen us shift away from Opensim to focus on developing our own proprietary web and mobile-based Jibe platform. You've also seen us evolve into a production studio that provides custom development services for educational 3d simulations using Jibe and Unity3d.

In 2013, you will see us continue to grow. We're working to expand our in-house videogame and instructional design expertise so our team can create the highest quality custom learning simulations. We're enhancing many of Jibe's core features to make it the most compelling multiuser 3d simulation environment out there, with the ability to coordinate complex data flow between virtual and physical world devices. And we are starting some major new projects with clients who are exploring amazing opportunities in the areas of immersive education and deeply engaging learning.

Along with all this change comes changes in leadership. Chris Hart has left her position as CTO to pursue her own ventures in data visualization, and she has handed over her lead developer role to Matthew Bertrand. Matt's been working with ReactionGrid for several months now, and we're very excited for him to take on this new challenge. Chris will remain an active contributor on the Jibe Unity Google Group in case anyone wants to pick her brains about all things Jibe.

At the helm of ReactionGrid, we're very excited to have Robin Donnelly now leading the company as President and COO. Robin's years of management and business development experience will be a great asset during this new phase of ReactionGrid's evolution. And lastly, Kyle Gomboy has left ReactionGrid to pursue his own projects. We wish him the best of luck.

We've got a great core team moving forward (see our updated About Us page), and we'll be continuing to expand our expertise while exploring how to integrate virtual worlds with some fascinating emerging technologies.

Keep an eye on this blog. We plan to surprise you in many wonderful new ways.

-The ReactionGrid Team


  1. Hmm... Does the growth and change include the apparently loss of Is it just me? I can't seem to find the server.

  2. Ya, we're in the middle of working out some domain name and DNS glitches. Sorry for any confusion. and should both point to the same website, and we'll be keeping both domain names for sure. Our name isn't changing.

  3. My sincere best to Chris and Kyle. Big hugs all around... Please stay in touch! Charge ahead to Robin and Matthew! Jibe does have awesome potential, if only we (as a community) can figure out how to leverage its capabilities! As always, thanks to Pathfinder for his sanity in this weird multi-reality world. :) Richard