Thursday, January 12, 2012

Syd Mead interview in Jibe-sySTEMic

Visual Futurist Syd Mead will be joining ReactionGrid in our virtual world of sySTEMic next month for an interview on technology, virtual worlds and the future.  Syd is best known for his work on the visual and technological design of movies like Bladerunner, Aliens, Minority Report, Star Trek, Tron and others.

Syd has been a source of personal inspiration to me for decades in both design and concept of future technology.  The image above shows his uncanny ability to paint with incredible detail even emulating chrome and reflections with nuance that seems impossible to do by hand.

My own design work has been heavily influenced by Syd as seen here with my Jibe "JiCycle" design for testing vehicle dynamics in our virtual world.  The above image and his work on the Lightcycles in Tron were clearly factors in my own concepts for a futuristic vehicle in terms of technology and visuals.

ReactionGrid designed "JiCycle" above.

We look forward to chatting with Syd about his own work and what he thinks about virtual world technology.  We hope to bring other technology and educational luminaries into sySTEMic this year and elicit their feedback on the growing metaverse.

You can attend this event on Mac or PC via any major browser or on your Android tablet or phone.  
Details coming on when and where...

See you in 3D friends!
Kyle G

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