Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Metaverse Happenings

Hello metaverse builders and travelers!  Being a new year I thought I would welcome it in with some quick, extemporaneous notes about ReactionGrid Inc. and our upcoming plans.

What's coming:

  • Jibe will expand rapidly into the mobile space on tablets and phones.  We are consulting with several clients who want to be on mobile now in order to develop a platform that is able to be used in tandem with Jibe-Browser & Jibe-Desktop but that also offers unique features germane to the touch interface and built in augmented reality tools such as GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Cameras and more.
  • OpenSim 0.7.2 roll out will continue to clients on a case by case basis allowing for better Hypergridding, mesh upload and improved uptime.
  • Jibe inworld building tools will be introduced but with some unique twists such as utilizing procedural mesh deformation for real-time mesh editing and export.  This means you can import a mesh, edit it and even export it for further manipulation.  You will eventually also be able to create mesh objects inworld from scratch.
  • A grant task force is being established to help clients find and follow through on getting virtual world grants approved.
  • More partnerships are forming with industry leaders to develop vertical market applications for virtual worlds.  If you have expertise we want to partner!
  • Improved communications and event planning will be implemented to help our community grow.
  • Robotics and sensor work will continue expanding beyond Mindstorms and simple USB devices to industrial SCADA and Telemetric applications merging the virtual and the real world.
  • Avatars in Jibe will get more customization options, inventory and easier integration with non-human avatars.
  • Efforts to link Jibe and OpenSim to other virtual world platforms will continue including our IEEE Stargate participation.
  • John "Pathfinder" Lester has been upgraded!  He is now our Chief Learning Officer at ReactionGrid Inc. and will be focusing more on making sure our clients and visitors enjoy building and traversing the metaverse.
  • WebGL work will continue with some simple demonstrations and tools and will ramp up over time.
  • JiWay & Hypergrid efforts will continue to develop to link our worlds together.
  • Vehicles are coming to Jibe in a big way.
Those are but a few highlights.  Each of our core team will be blogging about their own individual concepts and goals for 2012 in the next 2 weeks.  Some team members may focus on Jibe, some on OpenSim, some on both.  Others may talk about servers, training, support and more.

Between all of our team members and feedback from you, our friends, we will have a proper plan for 2012 and beyond hammered out this month.  See you in 3D friends...

Kyle G
RG CEO & Co-Founder.


  1. "Robotics and sensor work will continue expanding beyond Mindstorms and simple USB devices to industrial SCADA and Telemetric applications merging the virtual and the real world."

    Very cool. I see things like this becoming so seamless that you'll have the best of both worlds blended into your daily experience.

  2. Super comment. SO glad to see people understand how useful this can be and how it can be integrated into daily jobs.
    And yes we already work with SCADA and Telemetrics using the virtual spaces we offer.
    In fact many members of our team at ReactionGrid have Telemetry backgrounds in the Aero Space Industry and one of the reasons we started ReactionGrid was to introduce some of this technology into the virtual world community.
    Thanks for the great comment! Keep em coming,
    Robin Gomboy
    ReactionGrid Inc

  3. I will continue to teach on the RG but with mainly younger students this semester. I am supporting Math Nets with a sandbox set up for that purpose. Also, my 86 year old mother in Wisconsin came inworld for the first time ever and proved she is a lifelong learner!