Friday, October 21, 2011

ReactionGrid presenting at the "Midnight to Noon Conference for Second Life Educators and Researchers" on Oct 27

The folks at EduFinland are hosting a conference on October 27 called the "Midnight to Noon Conference for Second Life Educators and Researchers."

Although the conference is being held in Second Life, the presentations will discuss a wide range of research across many different virtual world platforms.

John "Pathfinder" Lester (Director of Community Development at ReactionGrid) will be speaking on a panel at 8am EDT on "The Future of Learning in Virtual Worlds."

And at 10am EDT, John will be giving a keynote presentation titled "The Significance of Contextual Flow - Exploring Jibe and Critical Affordances of Web-Based Virtual Worlds."

You can participate in John's keynote by visiting his Jibe world on the web during the presentation.

For more details, check out the conference website.  Here's a summary of the agenda:
"A 12 hour conference in Second Life for educators and researchers on education and virtual worlds with invited speakers from Europe and the US. The conference features presentations, panels, workshops, excursion and many other types of activitities.
Mark the date Thursday October 27, 2011 in your calendar now and join us in EduFinland archipelago on the lecture theatre on EduFinland III from midnight to noon (PDT)."
The researchers and educators at EduFinland have been doing outstanding work over the years, and this conference should be highly informative.  Hope to see you there!
John "Pathfinder" Lester and his favorite mug, courtesy of Finland.

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