Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Animating Evolver Avatars for Jibe using Animeeple

The Evolver website provides a great interface for creating avatars suitable for using with Jibe, but applying animations and importing them into the project takes some practice. A new video has just been posted to the JibeDownloads site with full instructions on how to take an Evolver avatar, and apply animations using Animeeple. Exporting an FBX model with animations from Animeeple requires a one-off licence purchase of $49 from the Animeeple store, after which you can export all the avatars you need ready for import into your Jibe project.

Animeeple Interface with an EvolverAvatar

Jibe customers should head to http://jibemix.com/jibedownloads and look in the Tutorials section for the new video.

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