Monday, February 14, 2011

What Does Reactiongrid Love?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Today is typically a day you recognize the special someone you love with flowers, gifts, chocolates, or cutting edge tech toys (for those special geeks in our lives). It's also a good time to reflect as an organization on what we love doing.

So what is it that drives Reactiongrid? What is it we love doing?

Put in businessy terms, our vision statement explains what we ultimately want to come from our actions:

Our vision is a better world through broadly adopted metaverse and physical connectivity.

And our mission statement explains how we intend to make this vision a reality:

Our mission is simplifying metaverse making with tools, support, and community.

To put it in non-businessy terms, we love those "AH HA!" moments when a client's world completes their need. We love it when students and trainees finally "get" a concept from seeing it in-world. We love when teachers share stories of students joining in-world class activities despite them being at home sick. We love hearing a client say "Gosh, that was easy." We love seeing you do remarkable, unexpectedly brilliant, and previously impossible things with the worlds we help you make.

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