Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jibe Server Control Room

Our Network Operations Center team consisting of COO Robin Gomboy, CTO Chris Hart (lead programmer for Jibe) & Support Engineer Felix Techie have created a virtual virtual server datacenter for our virtual worlds.  Confused yet?  Essentially we have replaced a 2D representation of our clients servers with a 3D space where we can monitor all systems.

We also review new systems like this to make sure we have improved how we digest aggregates of data, visualize that data and generally understand better what the data is telling us.  In this case we have an instant hit.  Our team will not use something if it isn't an improvement over the old way of doing things.  This is a huge leap forward for the task at hand.

Not only can we access data quicker, see trouble more easily and understand what is needed for corrective actions but we can also visualize who is responding to what machine in our fleet.  I now know that Felix is likely already accessing a server because I visually see him near that virtual representation of that virtual server.  Therefore I will not interrupt him as has happened often in the past.

So essentially what was previously a disparate system of Skype+RDP Manager+Email is now a cohesive 3D environment that our team already considers an invaluable tool.  That kind of thing is what excites us about virtual worlds!

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