Monday, September 30, 2013

Jibe Limited Starter Program Now Available

Are you currently in Second Life or OpenSim?

Want to convert your prim-based creations into mesh models that you can bring into a web-based Jibe world? 

You can use the Singularity viewer to export your prims as mesh objects and import them into Unity in a flash.  And our new Jibe Limited package is the best way to start your exploration of Unity3d and Jibe!

Jibe Limited provides a license for a single developer to publish one Jibe world to a hosted web space for 2 months with support for up to 15 concurrent users.

Jibe Limited costs just $25 per month + a one time $25 setup fee.

With the 2 Month Starter Program you get access to documentation and an online support suite to help you along.

After your 2 month term, renewal options at $25 per month will be available as well as upgrade options (e.g., higher concurrency, registration database, inworld metrics).

Jibe Feature Highlights

  • Web-plugin for browser based virtual worlds. 
  • Desktop Windows and Mac standalone version.  
  • Option to convert Jibe world into Android mobile app (additional charge)
  • Group and private chat capable.  
  • Hyperlinks in chat.
  • Sit scripts and related animations provided.
  • Teleport scripts for current level, rooms & Jibe worlds.
  • Free editor at Unity3D for creating the 3D world.
  • Import mesh files from Opensim, Second Life, Sketchup, Maya, 3DS & more.
  • Use Singularity to Export from Second Life or OpenSim as mesh models.
  • Script in industry standard C# or JavaScript.
  • NVIDIA Physx physics system.

For more information and demos of Jibe, please see our website or send us a support ticket with your questions.

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