Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gametech 2012 & ReactionGrid

Today live from Gametech http://www.gametechconference.com/:

  1. An open source version of Jibe is underway officially today.  LearnNC & ReactionGrid are partnering to allow teachers and students to qualify for no cost editions of Jibe.   LearnNC will be documenting the self-hosted process for this plan and providing other support and technical improvements to Jibe.  News soon on this so you can get started with Jibe!
  2. Jibe-Enterprise is now available for corporate training, meetings, collaboration and more.  This is a template which allows for visuals and interactivity to be changed at will  via admin control panels and the Unity editor. A low cost educational version is in the works as well.
  3. Jibe-Blend is also underway.  Jibe-Blend is a real-time shared collaborative building system which allows users to model in Blender and stream their work live into a Jibe/Unity3D world.  In the video below you will see Blender's modeling view streamed to Chrome/WebGL that has been embedded within Blender.

    The video shows how you model in Blender and view in WebGL.  We have contracted with the Blender Research Lab to develop this technology to stream to the Unity3D Web Player (then mobile after) live.  We will open source this technology then integrate Jibe networking and later object persistence and placement tools in the live environment when done in Blender.

    Imagine Blender 3D developers being able to network Blender to Blender  for shared design and stream to the live Jibe/Unity3D world in real time then save and place the object inworld persistently!  Now that is a powerful real-time inworld building system that sets up the designers to use an industry standard tool to create great content.

More details in the next couple of weeks!