Thursday, February 9, 2012

ReactionGrid Mobilizer Expands to Game Based Learning & Sim Studio

ReactionGrid's "Mobilizer" group for Android publishing is expanding to become our division for start to finish rapid Game Based Learning & Simulation production and publishing for our Jibe platform.  Like a video game producer that works with partners and contractors to create great titles but in this case focused on game based learning and simulations.

Our team paired with vetted Jibe/Unity3D industry titans and community newcomers and veterans are already in production of several 6 figure indie game based learning and simulation efforts based on Jibe.  If you have a huge idea and need support quickly expressing the idea to grant committees or other decision makers we have the team.

Remember you can start proposing Android and iOS mobile concepts now to the NSF and others because we support that out of the box.  We think mobile game based learning and simulations is an exciting new area of virtual worlds.  When you need a supporting grant or proposal document that genuinely has thought put into your particular project's 3D multi-user needs contact us at .

We also have a path forward for our community to become a qualified partner for producing content for our projects.  The following Jibe levels are to encourage the building of a community of developers for rapidly developing 3D applications.

  1. Jiblet-Has a Jibe project kit and successfully completed our Chief Learning Officer's introduction Jibe/Unity3D course (free with Jibe order).
  2. Jixxer-Achieved creating a new mesh object and adding it to their Jibe world.
  3. Jinja-Has written or modified a C# or JavaScript script and published it to their Jibe world.
  4. JiMax-Contributed a new core functionality to Jibe or changed how it works in a new way.
  5. JiFleet-Part of our approved contractor fleet for Mobilizer by climbing the Jibe ladder or industry & Jibe/Unity3D experience.

The Mobilizer Core Team:
  • Kyle G Producer/QA/Art Direction
  • Robin G Project Manager/QA/Storyline/Avatars & Characters
  • Chris Hart Technical Writer/QA/Game Designer/A.I. Lead
  • Jeff Lowe Game Designer/QA/World Developer
  • John Lester Instructional Designer/QA/World Developer

All Mobilizer qualified projects are developed using a combination of our JIRA management tools, our ISO 9001 focused Production & QA procedures and our own virtual world environments & collaboration tools for maximum customer involvement and team building. 

If you would like to find out how to move up the Jibe qualification ladder watch this blog as we're growing fast and will always look to our community first for partnerships.  A list of JiFleet partners will be published soon as well.  Let's succeed together!

Kyle G

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