Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jibe Roadmap

Our Jibe platform is currently at release version 1.3.1, and version 1.4 is about to arrive. We have many features and tools currently in development, so here's an overview of where we are, and what's coming up next!

Available now in Jibe 1.3.1
  • Simple multiplayer project kit for Unity editor, turn your 3D scenes into virtual worlds and invite your friends!
  • Chat, walk, run, fly, sit, private chat, teleport, Vivox voice chat (web platform only)
  • 14 avatars with several clothing options - a total of 91 different outfits to choose from, plus some of the ladies have hair you can re-color!
  • Presentation system
  • Drag & Drop data visualization kit

Coming in July - Jibe 1.4
  • Improved voice integration - mute controls in the GUI (web builds)
  • Sit on the ground
  • Avatar attachments
  • JiWay System: Jump onto the JiWay and easily visit a network of publically available jibe worlds.
  • Platform improvements - minor bug fixes and functionality tweaks behind the scenes

  • Improved networking with HTTP tunneling for traffic - much more firewall friendly!
  • Jibe Mobile - launch your world on Android or iOS!
  • Jibe on the Unity Asset Store - grab the core pieces needed for simple multiplayer environments and hit the ground running!

  • Live building tools and object persistence
  • Create on the fly with your colleagues and save your current progress to resume later!

The future
  • Live object import and persistence, enabling users to create external models, import into a scene that is currently live, and save the changes
  • Shared inventory of common building components

Expect to see these advancements in future releases of Jibe
  • JiWay System web interface: Community members can add their own jibe worlds to the public list, enabling people to access their world through the Jiways. Users will be able to comment on, rate, and visit the worlds.
  • JiDraw: A whiteboard for your Jibe world, allowing users to freehand draw.

This roadmap is subject to change - notably, we have heard some very exciting plans from Unity about their own upcoming releases that may give us some new features that we can work on, so we're staying on our toes and will keep you posted.

Chris Hart
CTO, ReactionGrid Inc.


  1. Excellent road map, Chris. I wish you great success.

  2. Lots of exciting new developments. Good going...

  3. Thanks guys, add any suggestions here.

  4. Great features and great progress for a brilliant emerging platform, well done guys ;-)

  5. You should check out atmosphir.com. The possible future Jiway reminds me of it.

  6. Great idea Zach, I like that site and this has definitely influenced how JiWay will look and work. Thanks!