Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Security Alert

Last night ReactionGrid was hit once again by a Griefer who dropped a mess of prims about the grid and performed mass object moves on regions that did not have their objects locked down.
As a result we have tracked the IP range of addresses the griefer is using and have contacted the ISP to see if we can bring action against this person.

Gridizens - the call is out to you now to make your grid a safer place!
Please secure your regions and set them to No Building when you are not physically there.
Also please make sure you take the precautions as well to never set object to 'Allow Everyone to Move' as this griefer is moving objects that are not locked down.
So if objects have been moved on your regions the griefer has selected mass objects and moved them all at one shot.

This is a matter that we all must be vigilant on.
Please report any strange activity at http://metaverseheroes.com by adding a support ticket.

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