Monday, January 31, 2011

JiNote Nears Beta Release

We've been hard at work on a number of collaborative tools for the Jibe platform. I'm pleased to report that JiNote, our collaborative note tool, is rapidly approaching beta release. With the JiNote system, users of the space are able to create 3D notes within the world containing simple text, URL links, images, teleports to specific world areas, and even portals to other web-based jibe worlds. As soon as it passes our final technical testing, we will make JiNote available to select clients for our Beta release.

Jeff Lowe
CPO ReactionGrid Inc.


  1. HI Kyle,

    It will be great for using at our Solid Edge course through Jibe... hope to know more.



  2. Indeed! How about we schedule a call next week and brainstorm? Email me at to arrange. Thanks Julieta!